Backlit /Translucents For Lightboxes

Backlit film is one of a number of materials we offer as part of our Large Format Printing service. Backlit film is utilized when prints will have a light source placed behind them, such as in a lightbox. The film is translucent, diffusing the light to give an even illumination. This is an attractive film for high quality backlit displays. The tough 7 mil Mylar base makes back light graphics on this material durable, economical, and versatile for trade show exhibits, point-of-purchase, airport displays, and signage. You can add a lamination to the back side for extra durability.


We can print backlit film, backlit display on any custom size.

Media ( Films ) availabe:

1) Indoor backlit vinyl

2) Outdoor backlit vinyl

3) outdoor pvc backlit vinyl


  • gloss or matt lamination
  • Anti-UV, Anti-cold rain and anti-frost is designed for your requirement
  • Pure translucent substrates for backlit displays


1) Backlit light boxes

2) Billboard (Backlit)

3) Display

4) Banners

5) Backlit bus shelters and indoor displays

6) Exhibition booth decoration

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