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Customers are empowered to control your brand. It is they who now determine the popularity of a brand, a product or a service. In Social media marketing UAE and Pakistan, Online relationships have become more valuable than ever before. Escape Advertising is among one of the best marketing companies in Dubai and Pakistan. We have highly skilled teams of social media enthusiasts who help to achieve your business objectives and identify your target audience, create engaging content and are able to design interactive social media campaign for your brand across different platforms that help increasing brand engagement with your desired audience. Our services include:

Social Media Audits

A social media audit is the process of reviewing what’s working, what’s coming up short and what can be improved upon across your social media channels to make your brand a successful one.

Social Media Management

In this competitive world today, having social media marketing is just as important, than having a website. At Escape Advertising, our social media professionals via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will communicate with your present and potential clients, increase traffic to your website and achieve great results in impelling and constructing relationships with your target audience.

We do four things to help your business grow on social media:

  • Daily Posts and community management
  • Generic and Product content creation
  • Interactive Engagement
  • Awareness & Follower Growth

Social Media Application Design and Development

Mobile technology is changing the way business operates in Social Media Marketing. But how best to utilize this new technology? Our social media agency brings years of experience emerging applications on iOS, and Android. You can count on us to provide a solution that is result guaranteed no matter the platform or device.

Social Media Strategy

Our social media agency services are the fastest approach to produce results on social media. We connect your products or services to thousands of people who may be interested in them. Hiring us for social media advertising services consist of increased website traffic, lead generation, and influenced sales. Our agency uses propelled social advertising technology, strategies, and tools that generate extremely minimum cost acquisition, clicks, and conversions on your website.


This mostly refers to keyword research. It involves identifying a group of keyword phrases that will be used in optimization. Escape Advertising understands the importance and criticality of it and gives considerable amount of time to find a good set of phrases that have high practice by searchers and comparatively low competition within the search engines.

Reports & Goals

After findings of your targeted keyword phrases and Escape advertising starts positioning it relative to the sites’ competitive set. This helps make our clients realize the specific areas that need work and provides a baseline for campaign’s success. We make adjustments to the SEO plan according to the findings of these progress reports.

Content Building

Content is very much important in search engine optimization. We understand the importance of content building and can help you understand the type of text the search engines love which will serve your business in a couple of important ways.

Page Optimization

Escape advertising helps you in;

  • Making your page tiles (which should be more than the company’s name or just the word “Welcome”).
  • We analyze kind of your requirement, the placement and prominence of the keywords in your site.
  • Development of a site map
  • Work on the ALT and META data, where ALT tags refer to the text that describes an image and Meta tags communicate the page’s subject matter and relevancy to the search engines.

Social & Link Building

People are using social media in increasing numbers. Escape advertising provides you with help in this regard to create a presence in the upcoming media.

Follow Up Reporting and Analysis

We make reports in the initial phase of the campaign, which is done again at regular intervals, post-optimization. Rankings, users’ traffic and other important metrics can then be compared to pre-optimization levels, giving measurable results to the SEO campaign.

Content creation

Content on social media can be in different forms; from text- based to videos and games. It has gone beyond just posting and commenting. We, as a Digital Media Agency help you in creating engaging content of different types to keep your audience focused and interested.


Social media advertising has become a main source of the media mix as marketers look to leverage their campaigns to drive valuable word of mouth and influence. We help your brands to tell its stories through attention-grabbing campaigns that get audiences buzzing.

The outcomes of Social Media Advertising are imitated in the number of retweets, shares, comments, likes and views. All action on social media will be monitored and a tracking report will be formulated to clearly show the results. We adopt multiple matrices to carry out this reporting activity.

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