Exhibition Stand Graphic & Printing

Exhibition Stand Designing & Printing

Let us Design it for you!

Our in-house graphics ninjas will do creative magic to design and print to get you noticed easy. Our creative monkeys  can take your pictures and text and turn them into eye catching displays. Not only are we very reasonably priced, but our designers have designed thousands of banner stands, pop up graphics, trade show booth graphics and they know what works on our portable display systems.


Working synchronized with our large format print department and backed by a comprehensive knowledge of all our display systems, you can be sure of a fast efficient service.



1. Send a written brief or sketch containing what you would to say, your web address, a copy of your company logo and any photographs or digital files you want in your design.
2. We send you a design estimate
3. We create a design and send you a PDF proof
4. You make amendments
5. We redesign. You approve and we produce.

Send us a File Ready to Print!

If you already have a designer, can design it yourself or have existing artwork then simply follow our artwork instructions. Any questions then please call our artwork studio on 055 632 6559 / 055 2212820

Positional Proof

This proof is usually a laser or inkjet run off, which we can only use for positional accuracy. Positional proofs cannot be used for color matching.

Color Matching

If you send a match print or other hard copy printed material (i.e. letterhead, brochure) we will check your file prior to printing. If we cannot achieve a reasonable match we will call you to discuss. It is not always possible to match pantone colors using CMYK printers. Our printers and media are carefully calibrated but if no color proof is provided we can only print what is supplied on disk.

Printing Files

Kindly make sure that the artwork files you send match our specification. We cannot be held responsible for errors that occur resulting from artwork supplied that does not meet our specification and reserve the right to charge for any remedial work prior to printing. Correct artwork means no additional charges or time delays.

How to Prepare the Artwork Files

  • We can handle artwork from the following software packages: Adobe Illustrator CS6 / CC,  Adobe Indesign CS6 / CC, Adobe Photoshop.


  • If you are supplying artwork not created in one of the listed software packages please output your files as an EPS or Press Ready/High resolution PDF. Supply all fonts used or outline text before saving.


  • Please supply all original files along with any imported scans, logos, fonts etc. Supply a laser proof with all files, marked up with sizes, scales, fonts, software used and any other relevant information. Please work to whole scales i.e. 1:2, 1:4, 1:10

Lets discuss your next project!

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