Make your business POP!

In a highly crowded market, how do you get your product to stand out? Retailers have to find new and innovative methods of reaching the customer; from special offers to social networking every new marketing idea is tried out. This is where point of purchase displays (POP) comes in.

So what is POP?

More than 66% of shopping decisions are taken in the store and 53% of the decisions are on impulse

This makes it essential to target the customer right at the point of purchase. A lot of people buy things they don’t originally intend to buy, and POP grabs the attention of these customers, pushing an impulse purchase. The term can be used to denote display units, interactive displays, literature dispensers, poster holders, sign holders, and much more. This is all aimed at converting customers right at the point of purchase, the retailer, on a micro level.

POP is an integral part of the marketing strategy and is used to complement the main mediums of advertising. POP is usually used to:

  • highlight your product among scores of similar products, giving the customer an attractive reason to choose yours.
  • Introduce a new product onto a crowded market by giving it a special display and creating hype.

POP Aids and Accessories

Escape specialized in providing you quality merchandising display hardware that will bring all eyes on you. These aids and accessories are used to help retailers and visual merchandisers install attractive visuals and displays in their stores, especially during times of special promotions and marketing campaigns. Our POP accessories include:

  • Shelf Talkers
  • Wigglers
  • Wobblers
  • Sign Holders
  • Shop fittings
  • Adhesive Tape Fittings
  • Poster Frames
  • Poster Holders
  • Shop Lighting Price Tag Holders
  • Leaflet Holders
  • Literature Holders
  • Shelf lighting and signs
  • Ceiling Displays

Temporary Displays

If you have to market and promote a product off-shelf then temporary displays are the best way to go! They are especially designed and created to generate the maximum sales during a short period of time. At Escape Advertising, we can provide the most cost effective options for temporary displays on order, which will neatly fit into your specific needs, providing maximum benefits to you.

At Escape we provide you with low-cost temporary displays to suits your needs, with products ranging from portable display stands, corrugated adverting displays, cut-outs and foldable displays to full-fledged creative temporary exhibitions of your products.

POP and POS signs

POP and POS (Point of Sale) signs are intended to complement the existing displays at your store. Based on your distinct requirements we can make top notch signs executed in silkscreen, Fiberglass graphics, digital prints, light boxes and much more. Plus, we make sure your POP project is completed and delivered in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

Our vast range of signs includes Backlit signs, double sided POP and POS signs, Slim Poster, Acrylic and Molded Plastic Light Boxes, Poster Glow signs and much more! We provide you with the perfect designs in line with the unique characteristic of your products so that they stand out and become the center of attention!

Promotion Tables

Promotion tables are essentially demonstration tables used for product launches, sampling food products, electronics demonstrations and as information desks or reception tables. Our high impact, elegant and versatile tables can be customized according to the varied needs of any company. We provide the highest quality of creative demo tables, temporary sampling tables and promotion tables with dynamic designs that herd in the crowds!

Poster/Flyer systems

Advertising posters/flyer play an important part in highlighting all the good stuff, and creating an impact as soon as the customer walks in the door. We have some amazingly striking options available in stock, with exciting designs that hit the mark. Our range includes snap-open systems made with extruded anodized aluminum which offers easy set up. Our line of Wall-mounted Posters, Floor Standing Posters, Poster holders and frames, and suspended poster varieties offer a wide variety of choices to captivate your audience.

Banner Stands

Banner stands are excellent choices for making a big impact in exhibitions, trade shows and other big events. They are flexible and long-lasting as they are made with high tensile steel spring, which makes re-usable and cost-effective for long-term requirements. They can be single sided or double sided, and several banner stands can be arranged side by side to create a seamless large-scale message.

Our Banners are printed in-house and are guaranteed to be of the highest of quality with the most impeccable graphics and sharpest of details. Whether you need a X-Banner System, or a T-Banner System, a table-top banner stand or a trade-show or campaign banner stand, Escape has exactly what you need to add a little kick to your promotional events.

POP-UP displays

POP-UP displays are just that – easy to ‘Pop up’, transport and dismantle after use. Digital or laminated panels are attached to it to bring out a high quality image and graphics display. These can be easily rolled up and put away when not in use, and so are easy to store for long periods of time and can be used time and again for recurring events. This means these displays are highly convenient and cost-effective – almost like a long-term investment! Escape also provides even more savings and ease of use with fabric displays, which offer nearly the same kind of resolution and print quality at lower rates.

Leaflet dispensers

You can’t get the most out of your Leaflets and other literature unless they are properly displayed in your store to get the maximum attention. We make sure your leaflets get the response they deserve with our wide choice of holders and dispensers and that too at the best prices.

Our leaflet holders and dispensers are available is both Floor standing displays and counter-top displays, and you can even get some fancy revolving brochure displays to put an interesting spin on things. Escape Advertising also supplies dispensers and holders in materials such as acrylic or styrene in bulk quantities for larger, wholesale orders.

Acrylic displays

Display creates half your product, much like art, if displayed in a shoddy manner, your product will also look half- baked. Presentation and appropriate type of shelving is key – it creates a professional atmosphere and makes the products look more appealing to the eyes. Escape Advertising offers the finest quality light-weight acrylic displays for stores or trade shows with that extra mile of finesse that enhances the quality of your product and makes it stand out.

Acrylic provides that clear, elegant look of glass without the high expenses or inconvenience that comes with it. These Acrylic display stands, cases, containers sign holders, menu holders, and poster holders add that classy edge to your products and your store, but at a budget-friendly cost.

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