Hello, we are social and yes we are different

As of 2014 Facebook alone has 1.3 billion active users, and we give you the chance to meet them. If  you’re not social in today’s world, you are missing out!

Keeping up an online social presence is a 24/7 job, but don’t worry, our dedicated team is obsessive enough to carry it off! We know exactly what goes into handling social profiles; this is where your customers interact with you, share their grievances and applaud your performance, and this is where one wrong step can make things go wrong.

We make things happen! While others are talking, we’re working!

Our ability to respond quickly to changing circumstances and online market trends means we are always on top of things. Our impeccable research skills and ability to interpret raw data and use it to our advantage will help you get the most out of your social media investment. We specialize in designing artwork for your social media profiles, and interesting and exciting content that will skyrocket customer engagement. We know exactly what works, and how consumer trends and moods change, and so we keep your online profile fun and happening to keep interests high.

We also realize that no social platform exists in isolation, and all your online profiles need to be seamlessly integrated so they can inform each other in terms of content and can help drive consumer traffic towards each other. We handle business social profiles on the following platforms:

Social Media Management is not just about making a few posts; it’s an entire marketing strategy that needs ample planning and flawless execution. It is a sensitive area where you build connection with your consumers first hand, which is why we take care to keep your unique brand image and the mindsets of your customers in mind when developing a sound strategy that will get you results. With our open and transparent approach, we keep you involved every step of the way, we advise you and together we come up with marketing goals for your business, and once we execute our strategies, you will be able to see results in a quantified form.

Escape Advertising provides the best way to improve your online visibility, and with us you will see your popularity rise, not just in the digital world, but translated into actual meaningful real life terms as well.

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