Turn your Vehicle into a Billboard on Wheels!

At Escape Advertising we take pride in our turnkey solutions for all our clients’ vehicle wrap advertising needs. Over two decades of experience in the vinyl graphics industry puts us at the forefront of the trade. We have all the resources at our disposal to bring you unique and exciting designs, high definition, crisp and sharp print quality, and impeccably professional installations by our experts, all executed completely in-house. This is what sets ESCAPE Advertising apart from the rest.

We Lead The Industry In Vehicle Wraps With The Following Processes:


One of the biggest assets to creating successful vehicle wraps is our vast experience and knowledge of our clients and their customers.


Design is the most important part in creating successful vehicle wraps. Clients from all over the nation come to us for our design expertise.


We pride ourselves in using leading products and equipment in the industry. We aren’t interested in anything but the best.


The quality of our installation on a vehicle wrap speaks for itself. Our expansive experience meets even the most particular customer.

Any quality vehicle wrap calls for:

  • Innovative Design: Our in-house design team works with each client on a personal level to effectively create a one-of-a-kind, custom design according to the needs of the individual business. We then provide a professional, 3D illustration of what the final wrapped vehicle will look like, so our clients have a real authentic idea of what they’re getting. Any necessary tweaks are made to your satisfaction before the artwork is printed in vinyl.


  • Production: The Escape production department uses state of the art equipment and high quality materials to ensure your wrap will last and look great. We print every wrap in high definition to achieve crystal clear and razor sharp output, and use media that can be removed with little or no adhesive residue. Our printing is professional, and we take proper measurements of your vehicle before we even begin the designing process, so the final print sits comfortably on your vehicle, without any stretching, skewing or cropping.


  • Installation: We take great pride in the quality of our installations. This is probably the most precise and technical part of the process; if the installation goes wrong, everything is wasted. A professional installation requires years of experience and a high level of attention to detail that takes into account the nature of each individual vehicle with all its contours and protrusions. A poorly installed wrap will not last and could reflect negatively on your company, and keeping all this in mind we provide specialized, high quality installations that meet the highest of standards, resulting in wrappings that sit like a second skin and could pass for a customized paint job!
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